Nadia White & Heidee Nytes

Nadia & The Therapist

UPDATE: Nadia & The Therapist has been nominated for Best Full Length Feature at the 2018 Fetish Awards! We would love your vote! Please click the link below and cast your vote for “Nadia & The Therapist! Voting is open from now until July 16th! Click here to vote! Comedy & smut have often been […]

Heidee Spanks Autumn & Washes Her Mouth Out

Heidee Spanks Autumn & Washes Out Her Dirty Mouth

This is a custom video we shot in Summer of 2017 (if you want a custom video, visit and click “submit a custom request.”) Heidee Nytes receives a disturbing call from school! It seems her stepdughter, Autumn Bodell, told the principal to go fuck himself!  This will not do in Heidee’s household! Heidee confronts Autumn, and […]

Nightmare starring Nadia White

This started out as a weird zombie masturbation video starring Nadia White, but when I couldn’t get the effects to hold to Nadia’s body, I took it in a different direction, playing with skintones and lighting, and composing some disturbing noisecore to go behind it. I watched this for the 1st time in two years, […]

Woman of Virtue

Aqua just wanted to getaway from things for a few days. So, she found Heidee Nytes renting a room online! The room seemed nice enough, but something was off Heidee. Aqua didn’t think much of it as she prepared to go out to a fetish party! But Heidee caught Aqua before she left, and didn’t […]

Heidee Nytes Spanks Kevin

Heidee Nytes Spanks Kevin!

Sometimes, a spanking happens for no reason other than that a spanking has to happen. And Heidee Nytes gives her sub, Kevin, one of those spankings! Kevin gets over Heidee’s knee, and proceeds to get a firm hand spanking, followed by a leather strap and a bathbrush! Kevin’s underwear comes down, revealing his very red […]

Kendra This is 50 Hynaken

Kendra Sunderland Speaks with This Is 50

Kendra Sunderland Speaks with This Is 50 on Retirement, Fleshlight and Secret Crushes New York, NY (June 27, 2018) — On a recent trip to New York City the 2017 Vixen Angel of the Year and Fleshlight Girl, Kendra Sunderland, stopped by the offices to speak with website personality, Hynaken, about life after announcing […]

Dallas Novelty

Dallas Novelty Celebrates Pride by Offering 15% Off

Dallas Novelty Celebrates Pride by Offering 15% Off Rainbow Pride Products! Dallas, TX (June 27, 2018) – Dallas Novelty, the online adult toy store whose motto is “Sex is For Everybody” is celebrating Pride by offering 15% off all rainbow pride products such as the Blush Novelties Avant Pride P1 Freedom Dual Density Rainbow Striped […]