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Nadia & the Therapist!

Comedy & smut have often been the kissing cousins of low brow entertainment. A bit punk rock, a bit burlesque, and just a little bit Three Stooges, Nadia & The Therapist is the story of a young woman (Nadia White) in search of the perfect kinky match. Her sexual exploration includes self-bondage, BDSM, spanking, flogging, & the NYC dating scene. Dr. Nytes (Heidee Nytes,) Nadia’s therapist, helps Nadia explore her conflicting feelings between the worlds of true love and carnal desire.

This film features: self-bondage & ball gagging, a forced orgasm, girl on girl kissing, girl on girl flogging,lesbian domination (lezdom,) girl on girl sex, an over the panties hand spanking, and a bare assed hand spanking.


Buy Now $19.99 (running time: 63 minutes)