Tickle Interrogation

This is a custom that we shot for a client! If you’d like a custom video of your very own, visit http://www.davescustommedia.com and click the “submit a custom request” button!

Prospero’s hidden the jewels, but Officers Heidee Nytes & Lady Zombie have been given special authorization by the mayor to interrogate the suspect using methods that may not be by the book! The two buxom beatcops have Prospero taped to a table, where they proceed to mercilessly tickle torture the truth out of him! Tickling him on his nipples, his armpits, his feet, & his sides! Will our hot heroines solve this mystery, or will this evil jewel thief escape with the merchandise?!

Buy Now – $19.99 to download & own it (best for TV/PC viewing)

Buy Now – $19.99 to download & own it (best for mobile viewing)

VOD options coming soon!

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