Lenna Lux & Heidee Nytes

Lenna Learns About Penises

Lenna Lux has been watching movies again, and this time, she’s curious about penises. She doesn’t know what it’s like to be with a guy, so she asks mum Heidee Nytes for more advice. Heidee feels that Lenna needs some first hand experience with a cock, so she calls her husband in and asks him to take his cock out for Lenna to see and handle. Heidee instructs Lenna how to jerk off a hard penis, and Lenna strokes and strokes the cock until it cums all over her face!

Buy Now – $9.99 to download & own it (best for TV/PC viewing)

Buy Now – $9.99 to download & own it (best for mobile viewing)

VOD Stream in Dave’s Custom Peep Show for $4.95 (as part of “Lenna Lux Learns About Fetishes.”)

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