Nadia Worships Heidee & Pandora’s Feet!

Heidee Nytes & Pandora have the best little foot slave in Nadia White! Nadia loves being a foot rest while Heidee & Pandora plan their day. And of course, the day is going to be full of toe sucking and foot licking! Slowly, Nadia bathes Pandora foot with her long tongue, sucking her toes, and […]

Indulging in Her Scent!

Nadia White and Pandora Jones had such a strenuous yoga workout, and they got sooo sweaty & stinky! Pandora just can’t help herself as she buries her nose in Nadia’s aromatic armpit and begins to sensually sniff and lick. Nadia returns the favor has her tongue lovingly caresses Pandora’s under arms. Pandora slowly works her […]

I Love Heidee (Episode 2 – Babaloo!)

Heidee’s husband, Dickie, comes home from a hard day of working at the club, and ditzy red-headed Heidee forgot to make him his dinner! Well, just because Dickie is tired, it doesn’t mean that he can’t play one more number on Heidee’s ample bottom! Dickie takes Heidee over his knee and plays “Babaloo!” on her […]

I Love Heidee (episode 1)

Starring Heidee Nytes & Evangeline Von Winter! Heidee & Eve are just two ladies in the 1950s playing cards and talking about their husbands. But their game of gin comes with a little wager, and when Eve loses, Heidee delights in having to spank her! – Price: $14.99 to download & own Stream on demand […]

Home Movie!

As night sets in in Brooklyn, a couple (Heidee Nytes & her husband David) contemplate filming some dirty sexcapades with their new camera. Out of the corner of the camera lens, David spies a young girl (Ophelia Rain,) obviously “working,” and strikes up a conversation. Once she is lured back to their apartment, she realizes […]

Heidee Spanks Batgirl!

Domestic goddess Heidee Nytes was just relaxing on her couch, when she suddenly hears a window in the other room break! And its none other than Gotham City’s own Batgirl (played by Evangeline Von Winter) that smashed her way into Heidee’s apartment. Turns out Batgirl got her signals crossed, and ended up at the wrong […]

Heidee Nytes Spanks Mina Ashe!

Mina Ashe is such a bratty submissive!!! Her mistress, Heidee Nytes, is trying to give her a much needed, over-the-knee hand spanking, but Mina keeps reaching back and blocking Heidee’s hand of discipline! Mistress Heidee just will not stand for this, and locks Mina up in a stockade!! Helpless to defend herself, bratty Mina pouts […]

Dr. Heidee Spanks Slutty Pandora!

Pandora has a problem. She can’t seem to stop watching porn, masturbating, picking up strange men in bars, and having group sex! She is such a slut, and she has turned to Dr. Heidee’s Catholic therapy for help! After explaining her issues to Dr Heidee, Dr. Heidee recommends that Pandora enter her progressive corporal punishment […]

David Spanks Autumn!

  Autumn Bodell knows what she did, and now she needs to be spanked! David pulls her over his waiting knee, and proceeds to give her a good, hard hand spanking! Over and over again his hand hits her ass, until he decides to pull down her pants, revealing her thonged & reddened butt cheeks. […]