Trailer Debuts for ‘Eating Out With Nadia White’

PHILADELPHIA—Fans can get a glimpse of the upcoming web series documenting adult star Nadia White’s adventures in the world of competitive eating, Eating Out With Nadia White, via the show’s just-released official trailer, which can be viewed below: Eating Out follows White taking on eating challenges around the globe, supported and trained by competitive eating legend Tim “Gravy” Brown. […]

Heidee Nytes Spanks Babysitter Gianna Love!

Husband Dave is getting awfully cozy with the babysitter, Gianna Love! It seems that they may be planning a little “Netflix & Chill,” now that Gianna has sent the kids away to the movies with her boyfriend. But just as things are about the heat up, Dave’s wife, the redheaded domestic disciplinarian Heidee Nytes, returns […]