Blind Spanking

A rich, blind woman (Heidee Nytes) is woken from her couch nap to the sound of a window breaking. As she calls out into the darkness, she’s grabbed by the would-be robber (Evangeline Von Winter,) who tells Heidee that she knows about the safe in full of cash in the other room, and demands the combination. When Heidee refuses, Evangeline begins to give Heidee a hand spanking to compel her to reveal the combination. Heidee holds strong as Evangeline moves on to spanking her with a leather tawse. Heidee refuses to budge when Evangeline then proceeds to a leather paddle. Heidee finally gives in and gives up the combination, but when Evangeline gets up to open the safe, Heidee turns the tables by turning off the lights! A struggle ensues, and when the lights come back on, Evangeline is over Heidee’s knee! Evangeline struggles as Heidee administers a much more thorough hand spanking to Evangeline’s unready bottom! Heidee hits Evangeline harder and harder, before pulling down her pants and spanking her with the tawse herself! Evangeline’s ass reddens and bruises quickly as Heidee moves on the the same leather paddle that Evangeline used on Heidee just moments earlier! After properly disciplining her would-be assailant, Heidee shows mercy by letting Evangeline go, revealing that she didn’t give out the proper combination in the first place. Evangeline limps away with her pants still down and her ass beaten purple, as Heidee goes back to resting on the couch!

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