Heidee Nytes

Caught Jerking Off In Heidee Nytes’ Living Room


Heidee Nytes is so disgusted by you! She just got home, and caught you jerking off in her living room! Just out in the open, little dick out for her to see. She can’t believe how fucking gross you are! Just stroking your little cock, knowing she’d come home, and now you’re all embarrassed. Well know, now you have to finish! Go on, jerk that little nothing of a dick! Can you even do it with more than just two fingers? HAHAHA!! Were you hoping Heidee would find you, and get all turned on? That’s hilarious! Like she’d ever fuck someone like you, with your pathetic excuse for a dick! She’s going to go out and find a real man… with a huge cock! And she’s going to let him fuck her the way you wish you could! Think about that as you cum! Think about Heidee getting fucked so much better than you could ever hope to do! Pfffft! You call that an orgasm?! What a loser you are.

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