Heidee Nytes & Chloe Cage

Chloe Cage’s 1st Spanking!

Chloe Cage has never been spanked on camera before!!  So, she decided to have domestic disciplinarian Heidee Nytes break her spanking cherry!  Heidee allows Chloe to choose a couple of spanking implements before the punishment commences.  Chloe chooses the classic bathbrush, as well as the bike tire tread.  Chloe then gets over Heidee’s knee, & Heidee begins with an old fashioned hand spanking.  Chloe seems to take it well before Heidee has her take her pants down, revealing her panties.  Chloe’s ass begins to turn red as Heidee spanks her with the bath brush, and then the tire tread.  Finally, after Chloe’s panties come off to reveal her bare, reddened ass, Heidee gives her 10 strikes with a wooden paddle, with one extra for added measure!

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