Dr. Heidee Spanks Slutty Pandora!

Pandora has a problem. She can’t seem to stop watching porn, masturbating, picking up strange men in bars, and having group sex! She is such a slut, and she has turned to Dr. Heidee’s Catholic therapy for help! After explaining her issues to Dr Heidee, Dr. Heidee recommends that Pandora enter her progressive corporal punishment program! Pandora then gets over Dr. Heidee’s knee for a good, long, over the knee hand spanking! Dr. Heidee’s lessons don’t seem to be reaching Pandora, as Pandora seems to enjoy the treatment. In an effort to reach her, Heidee hikes up Pandora’s skirt, exposing her slutty leopard panties, and continues the spanking… eventually switching over to a leather strap! Pandora continues to not learn the lesson, and Dr. Heidee confirms it by sticking a few fingers inside Pandora’s wet, slutty pussy to see if she’s turned on. Eventually, Dr. Heidee realizes she needs to breakout the big guns, removes Pandora’s panties, and spanks her with a a wooden paddle! Pandora can’t seem to contain herself, and in the interest of having a successful therapy session, Dr. Heidee decides it would be best if Pandora came all over her fingers. Pandora has a strong, quivering orgasm, before being forced to count of 10 hard wooden paddle slaps to her buttocks!

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