Autumn Bodell

Fabulous Female Feet!

A compilation of 6 of our favorite foot fetish, foot worship, and shoe fetish videos!

Pandora just loves Mistress Heidee’s feet! They’re so cute and kissable. Pandora wants to give Heidee’s feet a pedicure, but first, some foot worship is in order! Pandora kisses and licks Heidee’s feet, and sucks on her cute little toes. After t Heidee’s feet have been properly worshiped, Pandora eagerly breaks out the gorgeous purple nail polish to pedicure Mistress Heidee’s feet! But, Pandora doesn’t exactly do a good job, and Heidee decides she has to be punished.

Heidee Nytes just got a bag of shoes to try on from her friend! She is so happy that she has a friend with the same show size that she has! She is so excited to show off her gorgeous feet in high heels! She tries on each pair for you, showing off the heel, and showcasing the arch in her foot, as well as her cute lil’ toes! She dangles the heels off of her foot for you, before finally deciding on which pair she’s going to wear out tonight!

Heidee has to change her stockings & lace her corset tight, only to have to take her stockings off again to give a slippery, lubed up pov foot job until he cums all over her bare feet.

Autumn and Heidee just adore each other’s feet! Autumn comments on how much she loves Heidee’s pedicure, as Autumn begins to caress Heidee’s stocking covered toes and arch. Autumn is overcome with the need to sniff between Heidee’s toes, and pull on her stockings to make her toes spread wide open! Autumn & Heidee continue to rub and enjoy each other’s feet, as they take each other’s feet between their legs and rub each other’s dampening pussies from arch to toe. Slowly they tease each other until they’re both overcome with passion, and scurry off to the bedroom.

Heidee Nytes’ feet are just so delicious! And Monica Jade just can’t wait to kiss and lick those delectable tootsies! Slowly and eagerly, Monica sucks each of the toes on Heidee’s foot, also kissing and biting along the arches, all the way down to the heels. No part of Heidee’s feet are left unworshiped.

A naked and statuesque Mina Ashe loves nothing more than to have her feet worshiped at the end of a hard day! And her pet, Heidee Nytes, is eager to adore them! Slowly, Heidee sucks on one of Mina’s long, stiletto heels. Long & deep strokes as she gives head to Mina’s footwear. Then, after the show comes off, Heidee sucks on Mina’s heel, and licks all the way up her arch, before arriving at the toes. Heidee sucks each toe one at a time, slowly and sensually, and very much to Mina’s liking. Heidee then starts on the other foot with the same seductive sweetness that only a true foot lover can show.

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