Heidee Nytes Gives A Brutal OTK Spanking To Her Husband For Breaking The Stove

Busty redheaded MILF Heidee Nytes comes home from a hard day of work, to find her man just lazily sitting at the kitchen table, gambling online. She also notices that he’s broken the handle on the stove! That doesn’t sit very well with our matronly dominatrix, and her husband seems to be laughing off her concern. He’s soon not laughing as she pulls him over the knee to deliver a brutal, hard OTK spanking. She begins with a hand spanking, but her husband doesn’t seem to take it seriously as he continues to laugh, so she breaks out some old school mommy discipline by beating his bare ass with a wooden spoon! She beats him harder and harder, but he still seems to keep laughing! She then decides that more punishment is warranted as she begins to stand her husband up, bend him over the chair, and beat his red ass with his own leather belt! And finally, as a way to reinforce that he should be spending his days fixing and cleaning the house and not gambling on the internet, Heidee paddles his bruised ass with a wooden paddle before sending him off to get the tools he needs to fix the stove!

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