Heidee Nytes Spanks Bella Ink… Again!

Bella Ink just doesn’t learn! After the last spanking she received from Heidee Nytes, you’d think that she’d learn not to shrink Heidee’s clothes when she washes them. But no, Bella has once again shrunken more of Heidee’s clothes, and Heidee is pissed! Heidee takes bella over her knee, and gives her another stern, OTK hand spanking! Bella screams, wiggles, and cries, but Heidee is unrelenting! Heidee makes Bella take down her jeans, and proceeds to spank her over her thong panties! Finally, the panties come down and Bella counts off some strong strokes to her bare ass before finally learning her lesson!

Buy Now – $12.99 to download (best for TV & PC viewing)

Buy Now – $12.99 to download (best for mobile)

VOD – Stream in Dave’s Custom Peep Show for $3.95!

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