Heidee Nytes Spanks Kelly Green!

Kelly managed to sneak one passed the school nurse, and get sent home sick. But her mum Heidee knows better! She knows that Kelly is just trying to get out of going to class, and now Kelly needs to learn a lesson. Heidee makes Kelly get over her knee, and begins to hand spank her over her school uniform. When it becomes clear that Kelly isn’t learning her lesson, Heidee has her remove her skirt, revealing her white panties! Over and over, Kelly’s bottom is struck by Heidee’s hand, but Kelly doesn’t seem to be learning. Heidee has her strip down, and proceeds to continue the spanking with a hair brush, a leather strap, and a wooden paddle!


Buy Now $19.99 to download & own it! (best for TV/PC viewing)

Buy Now $19.99 to download & own it! (best for mobile viewing)

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