Heidee Nytes

Heidee Nytes Spanks, Straps, Canes & Paddles A Lazy Worker


Heidee Nytes hired a worker to set up her new dungeon for her. Unfortunately, the lazy ass worker she hired decided to sleep on the job instead. When Heidee shows up to find her employee asleep on a bench, she is absolutely furious! She verbally abuses her lazy employee before forcing him to take his pants down and get over her knee for a long spanking. Starting with her hand, she brutalizes this poor guy’s ass. He squeals in pain as she hits him over and over again. Soon, she moves on to a bath brush, a leather strap, a small bamboo cane, and a wooden paddle… all to brutally torture this lazy worker for almost an entire HOUR! It is a harsh, brutal lesson that he wont soon forget. When she’s finished, Heidee tells him to report to work for another spanking 1st thing in the morning Her broken employee agrees before lying back down on the bench, his pants pulled down below his now cherry-red ass, sobbing.

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