Heidee Spanks Batgirl!

Domestic goddess Heidee Nytes was just relaxing on her couch, when she suddenly hears a window in the other room break! And its none other than Gotham City’s own Batgirl (played by Evangeline Von Winter) that smashed her way into Heidee’s apartment. Turns out Batgirl got her signals crossed, and ended up at the wrong address, and now Heidee is pissed! So pissed, that she decides to enact a little domestic discipline by giving Batgirl an over-the-knee spanking! Heidee pulls Batgirl over her knee, and bare hand spanks Batgirl hot crime-fighting ass! Batgirl cries in pain and shock as she is easily manhandled by Heidee! Heidee then takes out a bath brush to dole out some real pain! She makes Batgirl count off a series of ass-thacks and thumps with the bath brush before Batgirl finally agrees top pay fore the broken window!

Price: $10.99

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