Lenna Tickled By Mommy!

Lenna Lux decides to talk to her Mommy about a video her and her friends watched. They watched a video of girls holding down other girls and tickling them, and it gave her “special feelings.” Luckily, Mommy Heidee Nytes is there to tell her that this is all okay, and that it’s a fetish… and that she even likes it herself. She even offers to tickle Lenna, just so Lenna can know what it’s like! Lenna is reluctant at first, but then agrees, and isn’t disappointed. Mommy Heidee tickles Lenna so well, tickling her sides, her armpits, AND her feet!

Buy Now – $7.99 to download & own it (best for TV & PC viewing)

Buy Now – $7.99 to download & own it (best for mobile viewing)

VOD Stream in Dave’s Custom Peep Show for $4.95 (as part of “Lenna Lux Learns About Fetishes.”)

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