Officer Heidee & The Happy Ending Massage Parlor

Officer Heidee is sick and tired of having to bust up these massage parlors! She’s had to bust 10 of them this week alone! So, she’s going to employ her special spanking interrogation techniques on Selena Sky to get to the bottom of who’s opening these houses of ill repute. Officer Heidee bends Selena over the massage table and gives her a firm hand spanking! Selena winces and cries as Heidee swats her bum, making it redder and redder. Selena still claims to not know who’s employing her, so Heidee breaks out her police issue leather strap, and uses it on Selena’s bare ass! Selena struggles and whimpers as Heidee turns her butt cherry red. Offficer Heidee offers Selena some relief in exchange for a name. She tells Selena that if she gives up the name, the punishment will stop, and they can move on to a “happier ending.” Selena gives up the name of her employer, and as promised, Heidee picks up a magic wand and begins to use it on Selena’s horny clit. Heidee massages Selena’s willing pussy until she explodes with pleasure, and squirts all over the massage table. Officer Heidee then advises Selena to straighten up and fly right before making her exit, satisfied at another successful investigation.

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