Owned By Her Boss’ Foot

Pandora has been a lazy employee, goofing off, playing on her phone, and forgetting her laptop at home, and Heidee Nytes is sick of it! Heidee is giving Pandora one last chance to keep her job: Pandora has to worship Heidee’s feet! Pandora licks and sucks Heidee’s feet, caressing Heidee’s toes with her tongue, licking her arches and her heels. But, that’s not enough. Heidee wants to make sure Pandora becomes a loyal and dutiful employee. Heidee wants to get Pandora off with her foot. Heidee playfully rubs her toes against Pandora’s willing pussy while Pandora rubs her own nipples. After Pandora has her orgasm, she tries to get a promotion from Heidee, which Heidee refuses, causing Pandora to quit in a huff!

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