Heidee Nytes & Pandora

Pandora Confronts Heidee

Pandora just saw her husband coming out of Heidee Nytes’ hotel room, and man, is she pissed! Pandora storms into the room to confront Heidee about the affair. Heidee couldn’t be less concerned about Pandora’s anger, and is very nonchalant about the whole thing. As the women sit down to talk, Pandora reveals that she doesn’t even fuck her husband anymore because he can’t give her an orgasm. Heidee suggests Pandora get herself a magic wand, and even offers to use her own on Pandora so she can feel what its like to cum hard! Pandora reluctantly agrees, and immediately feels the effects of the powerful head of the wand over her already moistened panties. Pandora takes her underwear down as Heidee continues to work her eager clit with the wand, until Pandora has an earth shattering orgasm!

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