Sonia Harcourt Has Pretty Feet

Sonia Harcourt Has Pretty Feet!

Redhead bombshell Sonia Harcourt knows that you want to suck and worship her feet.  She waves hello to you as she begins to undo her high heel shoes!  She dangles her shoes off of her toes, and swings it to an fro, before letting it drop to the floor.  She shows off her stocking-clad legs and gorgeous foot arches that look so inviting through her soft pantyhose.  She slowly begins to remove her stockings to reveal her bare feet, with adorable red-painted toes.  She spreads her toes for you so you can see her scrumptious toe cleavage.  She places her soles and the balls of her feet together to show off her delicious, round, open arches.  But alas… Sonia Harcourt says no touching for you.  She blows you a kiss, and waves goodbye.   

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