Spanked, Strapped, Belted & Paddled By Red Headed Boss Heidee Nytes

Everyone knows you’re not supposed to watch porn at work. Everyone, that is, except Heidee Nytes’ newest employee. The busty red head just caught her latest charge surfing the internet for spank material! Rather than fire the little pervert, the MILF-y matron figures she’ll give her horny employee a taste of what he’s been looking at. Seems he’s been looking at spanking porn, so Heidee takes his pants down, and puts him over her knee for a hard hand spanking over his tidy whities. After a few minutes, the briefs come down, and Heidee delivers an OTK hand spanking to her employee’s bare ass! As his cheeks begin to blush, Heidee switches to a bath brush! The hard wood brush smacks the horny little worker’s buttocks with a hard crack! After some Heidee escalates the spanking with a leather strap, followed by the poor fool’s own leather belt, with a little bit of corner time in between! The crack of the leather against his apple red ass is loud and continuous as he sinks into submission. Finally, Heidee paddles his cherry red ass with a wooden paddle! She makes him count the strokes of the paddle as they smash his ass! Finally, she has him pull his pants up, before sending him off to fulfill his regular duties.


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