Heidee Nytes has sweaty feet!

Stare At Heidee Nytes’ Sweaty Feet

You’re such a pervert for sweaty feet!  Your roommate, Heidee Nytes, just got done shoveling out the car, and how her feet are all sweaty and stinky from being in those boots for hours!  Disgusted with you and your staring, she takes her boots off, revealing that she had to wear plastic bags on her feet, because she was out of socks!  These made for some extra stinky and sweaty feet!  She peels the plastic bags off of her feet as you stare at the moisture between her spreading toes!  She rubs her painted feet together, trying to ease the pain, while you stare like the helpless pervert you are!  Heidee pushes the bottoms of her feet together to rub the arches of her feet, and all you can do is think about how good your cock would feel sliding back & forth between the arches of her sweaty, stinky feet!  Heidee’s disgust with you grows, and she doesn’t hesitate to let you know that she thinks you’re a repulsive troll that probably wants to cum on her toes.  Finally, she decides she needs to get another roommate, because she just finds you intolerable!

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