Tales From The Black Lodge, Ep. 1: The Vessel

In February of 2019, the Vatican announced it had discovered, and would work to combat, sexual indiscretions being perpetrated against sister nuns of their order.  What they didn’t know was that these dalliances were meant to bring about the end times.  Two high ranking Vatican officials (Heidee Nytes & Dave) have been keeping their concubine, […]

Larkin Love

It’s That Time of Year Again…Lark-O-Ween!

(Tampa, FL) Award-winning Indie Porn Star, Role-play expert, and kinky Cosplay Queen Larkin Love is ready to celebrate the sexiest time of the year…Lark-O-Ween! Lark-O-Ween is on now through midnight on October 31st and will be celebrated in many ways. Larkin’s fans can take 80% off on all videos and store items on her ManyVids http://larkinlove.manyvids.com with the code […]

Officer Heidee Chases Down A Perp!

Officer Heidee Chases Down A Perp

You son of a bitch! You made Officer Heidee run! Officer Heidee hates running! And now, rather than deal with the paperwork of arresting you, she has you pinned down in some strange guy’s apartment, and she’s gonna make you lick her dirty, perp-stomping boots! Then, she’s gonna put her sweaty tits in your face, […]

Heidee Spanks Batgirl!

Domestic goddess Heidee Nytes was just relaxing on her couch, when she suddenly hears a window in the other room break! And its none other than Gotham City’s own Batgirl (played by Evangeline Von Winter) that smashed her way into Heidee’s apartment. Turns out Batgirl got her signals crossed, and ended up at the wrong […]