Chloe Cage

Chloe Cage Makes You Stroke Your Tiny Dick!

What are you doing, you sick little perv?! Gawking at Chloe Cage like that? You’re not man enough to touch her! That’s okay. You can look at her while you stroke your tiny little dick! That’s right. Stroke that little mushroom cap dick until it make a pathetic mess all over you, while Chloe just […]

Officer Heidee Chases Down A Perp!

Officer Heidee Chases Down A Perp

You son of a bitch! You made Officer Heidee run! Officer Heidee hates running! And now, rather than deal with the paperwork of arresting you, she has you pinned down in some strange guy’s apartment, and she’s gonna make you lick her dirty, perp-stomping boots! Then, she’s gonna put her sweaty tits in your face, […]

Heidee Nytes has sweaty feet!

Stare At Heidee Nytes’ Sweaty Feet

You’re such a pervert for sweaty feet!  Your roommate, Heidee Nytes, just got done shoveling out the car, and how her feet are all sweaty and stinky from being in those boots for hours!  Disgusted with you and your staring, she takes her boots off, revealing that she had to wear plastic bags on her […]

Heidee Nytes smoking

Heidee Nytes: Tired, Annoyed, & Smoking

Heidee can’t believe that it’s sowing in April! And she can’t believe that your lazy, perverted ass didn’t go out and shovel out the car! She had to go do it, and now she’s tired and annoyed with you, her lazy roommate. She lights a cigarette, and begins smoking. She takes a deep drag to […]