Tales From The Black Lodge, Ep. 1: The Vessel

In February of 2019, the Vatican announced it had discovered, and would work to combat, sexual indiscretions being perpetrated against sister nuns of their order.  What they didn’t know was that these dalliances were meant to bring about the end times.  Two high ranking Vatican officials (Heidee Nytes & Dave) have been keeping their concubine, Sister Sonia (Harcourt,) in a small cell as they prepare for this bizarre apocalyptic sex ritual.  The Mother Superior prepares Sister Sonia for her role as the vessel of the end times by spanking her alabaster buttocks until they are good and red.  Starting with a firm hand spanking, Sister Sonia stays on her knees, praying and crying for the spanking to end.  Mother Superior moves on to a large wooden paddle, and Sonia screams in pain from each enforced hit to her lily white ass!  Once then vessel’s ass has been properly prepared, Sonia is made to accept this bastard priest’s cock into her mouth.  She sucks his cock rigid, slurping on it as she cries.  The minister sees that Sonia is not ready or willing to become the vessel, so he convinces her by eating her virtuous pussy!  This sinister servant licks and sucks at Sonia’s newly willing clit, tongue fucking her into ecstasy!  When she finally accepts her role as the conduit for the end, she then accepts the rogue reverend’s cock into her wet, inviting hole.They fuck like animals as the air in the room begins to change.  Symbols designed to bring about Armageddon manifest from thin air around them.  And when our father is ready to shoot his sinister seed, Sonia is ready to accept it.  The ritual is now complete, and the end is upon us.  Sonia, now realizing the consequences of her participation, feels the fires of hell begin to burn inside of her.  Her screams are guttural, as she and all of humanity is set ablaze by the sexual and sacrificial rite.

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