Tales From The Black Lodge Ep 2

Tales From The Black Lodge Ep. 2: Alien Abduction

On a humid Florida day, Hank (David) returns home to his wife (Kingsley) and informs her of an accident he and his co-worker had.  They hit a strange creature with his car.  Visibly shaken, Kingley offers her man some breakfast, to which he replies he’d much rather eat her delicious, wet pussy.  He hoists her onto the kitchen counter and licks her tight hole until she cums.  Kingsley, worked up into a frenzy, begins to vigorously suck her man’s cock!  She slurps his hard shaft and sucks on his full balls before bending over the kitchen counter to take Hank’s throbbing dick into her eager hole! Hank fucks Kingsley from behind before shooting his hot load on her round, supple ass!  As the two bask in the afterglow of their sex, a beam of light bursts through their ceiling, surrounding them and pulling at them!  Panicked and naked, they suddenly vanish when the beam of light disappears, leaving their kitchen in total silence!

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