Whatever Gets You Through The Night

Selena Sky is having some difficult, restless nights, so a friend recommended that she go see Heidee Nytes for some help. And Heidee has just what she needs. But Heidee lets Selena know that there’s a price to be paid, which Selena is more than willing to pay. As Selena drifts off with Heidee’s help, Heidee begins to strip Selena, and play with her beautiful, tattooed breasts. Selena is limp as a noodle as Heidee lifts her arms and legs, one at a time, and drops them to confirm she’s out. Selena does come out of it for a bit and sees what’s happening, and loves what’s happening, as long as she can stay the night. Heidee obliges her, and puts her out for the evening before kissing her on the forehead and letting her drift off.

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