Woman of Virtue

Aqua just wanted to getaway from things for a few days. So, she found Heidee Nytes renting a room online! The room seemed nice enough, but something was off Heidee. Aqua didn’t think much of it as she prepared to go out to a fetish party! But Heidee caught Aqua before she left, and didn’t approve at all! She couldn’t have such a slut sullying her home! Heidee to teach Aqua some virtue! Heidee takes Aqua over her knee, and gives her a good, hard hand spanking! But kinky Aqua just seems to enjoy it! Heidee escalates the punishment to a leather paddle! But Aqua seems to love it! After all, they are her toys! Heidee Beats Aqua’s ass red with a wooden paddle, before she realizes that the only way she’s going to teach Aqua a lesson is to purge her of her sexual feelings, which she does by wanding Aqua until she cums!

Buy Now $19.99 to download & own it! (best for TV/PC viewing)

Buy Now $19.99 to download & own it! (best for mobile viewing)

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